Coy Mathis, who was born with male genitals but who later began identifying as a girl, has been denied from using the girls’ restroom at her Fountain-Fort Carson school district school.

When Coy Mathis was halfway through kindergarten, her family informed the school that Coy identified as a girl, and should be treated as such.  This meant that she should be allowed to use the girls’ restroom.  The school seemed to agree to these terms until the next year when Coy was in first grade.  According to NYTimes, “when Coy was a few months into the first grade, the Mathises angrily pulled her out of school after being told that she could no longer use the girls’ bathroom but could instead use a gender-neutral restroom.”

The Mathises have now filed a complaint with the Colorado civil rights division, alleging that the school violated the state’s anti-discrimination laws, which apparently expands its protections to transgender people.

Reason Why School Insists That Transgender Child Should Use Gender Neutral Restroom:

According to NYTimes, the school claims that their actions of restricting a transgender students use of the schools bathroom are reasonable and fair.  In defending the schools decision, the school’s lawyer explains, “as Coy grows older and his male genitals develop along with the rest of his body, at least some parents and students are likely to become uncomfortable with his continued use of the girls’ restroom.”

What Does Transgender Mean?

Transgender is a term often used to refer to individuals who identify as a woman, man, neither or both, but their assigned sex at birth does not match their identity.  For example, an individual may identify as a woman, but they are born a male with male body parts. However, the term transgender is ever changing, especially due to the fact that transgender awareness and knowledge has grown throughout the years.

Do you think the schools decision was fair and reasonable?