Are There Boundaries to Freedom of Speech?

A 57-year-old man named Joseph Corlett was enrolled in an advanced writing class where his assignment was to write an essay about a topic of his choice.  According to Corlett, “The teacher made it clear that nothing was off bounds.”  She also apparently encouraged "raw" content.  So Corlett took his teachers advice and wrote an essay describing his attraction towards his teacher, called “Hot for Teacher.”

Excerpt From “Hot For Teacher” Essay:

"… Her skirt came unzipped in Comp 2 one day and her polka-dotted panties were exposed. I was a perfect gentleman and discretely told her to pull her sweater over. She smiled and thanked me. It is our delicious little secret."

This did not sit well with his teacher.  According to a source, “After reading the man's essay assignment, his teacher in the advanced writing class turned it over to the school's dean, who decided to ban the man for three semesters.”

Corlett is suing the school, claiming that his suspension is in violation of his First Amendment rights and seeks $2 million.

Although I agree that his actions were highly disturbing, the school should have probably given him a warning before suspending him from school.  He should have been given the opportunity to defend himself, as he merely followed the teachers instructions regarding the assignment. Unfortunately for him, this incident has likely cast a dark cloud over his academic reputation and will likely prevent him from obtaining certain jobs.

Do you think Corlett’s essay was appropriate given the fact that his teacher told him that nothing was off limits?