Maryland One Step Closer to Abolishing Death Penalty

Maryland will be the 18th state to abolish the death penalty.  According to the Washington Post, "The Maryland legislature voted Friday to abolish the death penalty, which would make the state the sixth in as many years to end capital punishment and add to a canon of liberal policies recently embraced by state leaders."  This was made possible after the House of Delegates voted, 82 to 56 to repeal the death penalty.

Lawmakers Have Become Increasingly Hesitant to Put Innocent People to Death

Maryland  Governor,  Martin O’Malley will have the final word on this issue when he signs the bill in the coming weeks.   In my opinion, he will sign the bill.  Since taking office, O’Malley has fought adamantly to end capital punishment and to legalize same-sex marriage.

Maryland currently has 5 prisoners in death row and their last execution was in 2005.

What is the Death Penalty?

  • The punishment administered to an individual convicted of a capital crime.
  • Capital crimes generally include murder or treason.
  • Methods of implementing the death penalty include lethal injection, electric chair, and the gas chamber.
  • There can be no automatic imposition of the death penalty.
  • The jury must decide mitigating factors to carry out the death penalty.

What do you think?  Should more states repeal the death penalty?