Since When is Laughing too Loud Considered a Crime?

I’ve heard of some ridiculous crimes and weird laws, but I never thought laughing too loud would be one of them.  According to the NY Post, a long Island man named Robert Schiavelli, was issued a summons for laughing too loudly in his home and disturbing the peace. The complaint came from his next-door neighbor who could allegedly hear Schiavelli’s “hearty guffaws from across the driveway.”  NY Post reported that Schiavelli was apparently behaving “in such a manner as to annoy, disturb, interfere with, obstruct, or be offensive to others.”

According to Schiavelli’s lawyer, the complaint is absurd, especially because Schiavelli will face 30 days in jail for laughing.

Steps that You Can Take To Deal With Noisy Neighbors:

  • Talk to your neighbor
  • Obtain a copy of your local City/County ordinance
  • Warn your neighbor in writing
  • Call the Police
  • Sue for Nuisance

You can find additional information regarding noise ordinances at’s FAQ page.