It is always interesting to read about legally significant events that occurred on this day in history.  Below are a few interesting events that occurred on March 7 throughout history. Enjoy!

March 7, 1801 - 1st state voter registration law is enacted in Massachusetts

March 7, 1911 – The coin-operated locker is patented by Willis Farnsworth

March 7, 1933 - The game "Monopoly" is invented 

March 7, 1939 - Glamour magazine starts publishing

March 7, 1962 - Beatles make their broadcasting debut on BBC radio

March 7, 1982 - NCAA Tournament Selection is televised live for 1st time

March 7, 1994 - 1st permanent order is issued by the US Navy assigning women on combat ship

March 7, 1994 - The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that parodies of an original work are generally covered by the doctrine of fair use. (Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc.)

March 7, 1995 - NY becomes 38th state to have the death penalty

March 7, 2009 – The Kepler space observatory is launched.  The observatory was designed to discover Earth-like planets orbiting other stars.

Do any of the events interest you?