Last week, I wrapped up our “Weird laws: True or False edition.”  It was fun discovering weird laws from different states each week.  Today I am going to focus on Alaska.  I recently touched on an interesting fact about Alaska and felt I should expand on that.  Apparently, the mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska is none other than a cat named Stubbs!

The Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska is a Cat

For the past 15 years, Mayor Stubbs (the cat) has been serving as mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska.  About 15 years ago, the residents of Talkeetna, Alaska voted Stubbs into office in a write-in election because they were not fond of the other human candidates.  The rejection of the human candidates led to Stubbs becoming mayor.

Reasons Residents of Talkeetna, Alaska Love Mayor Stubbs:

  • He doesn't raise their taxes
  • He doesn't interfere with business
  • He is honest

Some Residents Think Stubbs is Too High-Maintenance:

However, some residents think Stubbs can be too high maintenance at times, often displaying some of these behaviors:

  • Drinks water out of a wine glass
  • He always needs to be taken care of
  • He can be very demanding
  • He meows and meows and demands to be put on the counter
  • He takes long afternoon nap

The 900-person town of Talkeeta doesn’t seem to mind their mayors’ high maintenance ways, as they have kept him in office for the past 15 years.  To show their appreciation, they have even made Stubbs his own facebook page.  Furthermore, 30-40 people visit him on a daily basis.

In my opinion, Talkeetna, Alaska seems to be running purrrfectly.  To visit Mayor Stubbs’ facebook page, click here.