Terence Kindlon, Jr. passed the February New York bar exam, but without being admitted to practice law in New York, he apparently acted as an attorney for two defendants in state court last year.

According to New York Law Journal, Kindlon has been criminally charged with “two misdemeanor UPL counts and three felony counts of uttering a false instrument for filing.

What is the Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL)?

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), “a lawyer who is not admitted to practice in this jurisdiction shall not hold out to the public or otherwise represent that the lawyer is admitted to practice law in this jurisdiction.”

What Constitutes Uttering a False Instrument For Filing?

Uttering a false instrument for filing occurs when one “knowingly publishes or puts into circulation any forged or altered legal document.”  The accused must also have the intent to misrepresent the forged instrument as true and defraud others.  It is a criminal offense that warrants felony charges.