Yahoo News recently posted an interesting article about new Social Security rules that will go into effect this year.  Here at, we like to stay up to date with such important issues in order to keep our readers informed about laws that may affect them.

New Rules Implemented By The Social Security Administration:

  • Expiration of the temporary payroll tax cut
  • Payroll tax capped at $113,700
  • Increased Social Security online services
  • Reduced Social Security office hours to save money
  • End of mailing paper checks to Social Security recipients
  • Bigger payments to Social Security beneficiaries as a result of the cost-of-living

Additional Social Security Information: offers a wide range of articles, videos, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding Social Security laws.

How Can a Social Security Lawyer Help?

Social Security programs are federal programs which provide financial assistance to certain individuals. For assistance with your case or for more information on retirement or disability benefits, contact a Social Security Attorney in your area today!