It is always interesting to read about legally significant events that occurred on this day in history. While writing this blog, I realized that many noteworthy events relating to the NFL and other sports organizations have taken place on this day.  Since the Super Bowl is a few weeks away, I figured some of you avid football fans might be interested to learn a few facts about the organization and its rules.  Below are a few interesting events that occurred on January 24 throughout history.  Enjoy!

January 24, 1908 General Baden-Powell started Boy-Scouts

January 24, 1916 The federal income tax was declared constitutional in the Supreme Court case of Brushaber v. Union Pacific Railroad.

January 24, 1935 "Krueger Cream Ale," the first canned beer, was sold.

January 24, 1947 NFL added a 5th official and permitted sudden death in playoffs.  Here is another interesting fact: the first NFL game that required a sudden death overtime was the December 28, 1958 Championship Game between the Baltimore Colts (current day Indianapolis Colts) and the New York Giants.  Baltimore ended up beating New York, 23-17.

January 24, 1950 Jackie Robinson signed the highest contract in Brooklyn Dodgers history, for $35,000.

January 24, 1964 The 24th Amendment to U.S. Constitution, which states that Congress and the states may not condition the right to vote on whether one pays their taxes, went into effect.

January 24, 1964 CBS purchased NFL TV rights for $28.2 million for the years of 1964 and 1965.

January 24, 1982 San Francisco 49ers won their first Super Bowl, beating the Cincinnati Bengals, 26-21 in Pontiac, Michigan during Superbowl XVI.

January 24, 1984 Apple sold its first Macintosh personal computer.

January 24, 2003 The United States Department of Homeland Security officially began operation.  This is an interesting fact for all you “Homeland” fans.

I was personally interested to learn that January 24 was the day that San Francisco 49ers won their first Super Bowl.  I wonder if they will have similar luck against the Baltimore Ravens during the upcoming Super Bowl game on February 3, 2013.

Do any of the events interest you?  Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?