I recently read an interesting news report about pedophobia.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with pedophobia, it is a phobia where a person fears children.  That’s a tough phobia to live with, as children are everywhere.  To make matters worse, the individual in the news report is a junior high teacher with the phobia.

According to the news report, an Ohio teacher named Maria Waltherr-Williard, 61, claims that the school district she works for discriminated against her by using her fear of children as a way to force her resignation.  Maria apparently began her career as a high-school teacher and was assured earlier in her career that she would not have to teach younger children because of her phobia.  However, in 2010, she was reassigned to teach in a junior high.

Maria is now suing the school district alleging that she was discriminated against based on her age, her sex and her disability.

According to the news, the school was aware of her phobia and "both parties agreed the phobia and anxiety disorder fell under the Americans With Disabilities Act and exempted her from future transfers within the school district."

The federal judge has not yet ruled on the discrimination charges.  If this case interests you, the case is scheduled to go to court in early 2014.

What is Pedophobia?

  • A fear of young children
  • Pedophobia can lead to shortness of breath, vomiting and feelings of terror when around young children.

What do you think?  Should the judge rule in Maria's favor?