A Missouri woman named Bonnie Land found a two-carat yellow diamond ring at a Tanning salon back in May of 2012, but decided to keep the expensive ring for a month.  A month after finding the ring, she apparently returned back to the tanning salon and saw an ad with a picture of the ring with a $3,000 reward for its return.  Upon seeing the reward posting, she informed the ring’s owner, Melisa Boucek, that she was in possession of the ring, and the two ladies agreed to meet the following day at a jewelry store.  At the jewelry store, police apparently arrested Land and according to news sources, charged her with stealing the ring.

However, the story doesn’t end here.  Now, Land is suing Boucek for breach of contract and fraud, claiming that she still needs to be paid the $3,000 reward money for returning the ring!  She also wants damages in excess of $66,500.  She apparently was denied an apartment rental application because she had criminal charges for stealing the ring on her record and had to take out a loan of $3,000 to hire an attorney to help eradicate her charges.

Missouri Law Regarding Found Personal Property

According to a news source,  “Missouri statutes require the finder of any money, good or personal property valued at more than $10 to report it to a judge within 10 days.”

Do you think Land should be awarded the reward money for returning the stolen ring?