A dental assistant named Melissa Nelson was fired from her job after working for her employer for nearly ten years.  Her only crime: being too sexy!

According to news sources, Melissa Nelson was fired “for being too irresistible and a threat to her employer's marriage.”   However, Melissa was apparently shocked that her boss, James Knight, found her irresistible.  According to Melissa, "I was very surprised after working so many years side by side I didn't have any idea that that would have crossed his mind.”

Nelson ended up suing her boss for gender bias.  Unfortunately, Iowa’s State Supreme Court felt differently and ruled that Nelson's boss “was within his legal rights when he fired her, affirming the decision of a lower court.”

She didn’t win her gender bias suit, but after reading numerous reports covering this story, I cant help but wonder why she didn’t sue him for sexual harassment.  According to Nelson, she received a text from Knight asking her about the frequency of her orgasms.

Do you think Nelson should have sued her boss for sexual harassment for sending her inappropriate text messages?

Signs you are being abused at work:

To determine whether you have been subject to workplace abuse, click here.  The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) offers helpful information about workplace harassment.

Factors a court will consider in hostile work environment cases:

  • Frequency of the alleged inappropriate behavior
  • Severity of the behavior
  • Conduct of the victim
  • Context of the alleged harassment
  • Size of the employer’s business
  • Nature of the employer’s business
  • Whether a reasonable person in the position of the plaintiff would have thought the environment to be hostile

How Can a Lawyer help?

There are Laws to protect employee abuse. Contact an attorney in your area today!

How many of you have been fired from a job for being too sexy?  Do you think Iowa’s Supreme Court ruled correctly?