Could the reason for the 2.5% November McDonald's sales growth be because they are advising McDonald's franchisees to stay open on holidays?

According to Ad Age, McDonald's franchisees were urged to stay open on Thanksgiving, and now have plans to keep their doors open on Christmas as well.

Ad Age claims to have gotten a hold of an internal memo from McDonald's Chief Operating Officer Jim Johannesen.  This memo is apparently “pushing franchisees to open on Christmas in a bid to lift December sales.”

Do Employees Working on Christmas Get Overtime Pay?

Based on The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), an employee who works over 40 hours in a workweek will receive overtime pay.  However, the FLSA does not regulate holiday pay.  Moreover, in California, the law does not mandate an employer to pay their employees overtime for working on holidays.

According to Heather Oldani, the spokeswoman of McDonald's, "when our company-owned restaurants are open on the holidays, the staff voluntarily sign up to work. There is no regular overtime pay."

Unfortunately, jobs are so scarce that many McDonald's employees will willingly sign up to work on Christmas to earn some extra cash at the expense of spending Christmas with their loved ones.

What are your thoughts on McDonald's staying open on Christmas?