Microsoft and Motorola were in trial from November 13-20.  The reason for the trial was to determine how much Motorola should charge Microsoft for utilizing Motorola’s technology in its products.

Microsoft and Motorola are in the process of submitting post-trial briefs to the federal Judge.  However, according to yahoo news, “Microsoft and Motorola asked the judge to allow them to file certain parts of their post-trial submissions under seal and redact those details in the public record.”

Parts of Post-Trial Brief that Microsoft and Motorola Want Sealed:

  • Value of patents
  • Information related to the Motorola's licenses with third parties
  • Information related to Microsoft’s business and marketing plans for future products
  • Discussions regarding a settlement between Microsoft and Motorola

According to the news, “the judge has so far been understanding of the companies' desire to keep private details of their patent royalties and future plans.”  I wonder if the Judge will allow them to keep parts of the post-trial brief private as well.

If you wish to follow the case, the case name is Microsoft Corp. vs. Motorola Inc. (10-cv-1823).

Do you think the Judge should agree to seal the desired information or should the trial be completely open to the public?