When I think of “Sesame Street” I think of a happy place where everyone is joyful and supportive.  It’s the place kids can find relief when they are troubled.  Nothing is too serious on Sesame Street (except when the cookie monster eats all your favorite cookies of course)!

Sesame Street Helps Children Deal With Divorce

Sesame Street has recently opened up a dialogue about Divorce.  Some may think that this is not a good idea because children shouldn’t have to worry about such serious issues at a young age.  However, I feel differently. Unfortunately, divorce is always a possibility in a child’s life and has become too commonplace to avoid.  According to Sesame Workshop's vice president, Lynn Chwatsky, “1.5 million U.S. children face divorce every year.”  That is an overwhelmingly high number.

“Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce”

The workshop is called, “Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce.”  According to Huffingtonpost, it is “designed to help kids between the ages of 2 and 8 deal with and understand their parents' divorces, and help parents talk about divorce with their children in an age-appropriate way.”

This workshop may help children deal with the shock and grief associated with divorce.  Moreover, it may provide an outlet for children with no one to turn to.  When they see one of their favorite characters experiencing similar emotions it may make the coping process easier.

Some Helpful Information For Parents Going Through Divorce

Once you decide that divorce is in your future, you may want to learn more about what the process entails.  LawInfo.com has information to help you.

The Divorce page has answers to some Frequently Asked Questions and Articles that you may find useful.  LawInfo.com also has a list of Lead Counsel Rated Divorce Attorneys to help you through the emotional process.

Additional Information About Divorce:

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Hope you found this information about divorce helpful!