Many Americans do not have health insurance because they cannot afford it.  However, some Americans will go to great lengths to treat their illnesses.  They may even resort to being thrown in prison in order to receive healthcare.

According to huffingtonpost, a cancer patient named Frank J. Morrocco intentionally broke the law so he could go to jail and obtain healthcare. According to Morrocco, he suffers from leukemia and cannot afford cancer treatment.  Morrocco claims that he was denied Social Security disability coverage and Medicaid.  Moreover, he maintains that he could not afford private insurance.  Therefore, he asserts that he resorted to shoplifting so he could go to jail and treat his cancer in prison for free.

According to the Daily Beast, “the Federal Bureau of Prisons provides pretty good medical care.”  Maybe these Americans are on to something.  In my opinion, this is a pretty inventive way to be treated without healthcare insurance.

Have you been denied Federal healthcare coverage because of your income?  Would you consider trading in your freedom for healthcare in prison?