It is always interesting to read about legally significant events that occurred on this day in history.  Here are a few interesting events that occurred on December 6 throughout history:

December 6, 1768- The first edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica was published.

December 6, 1865- The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which banned slavery, was approved.

December 6, 1877- The first edition of the Washington Post was published.

December 6, 1877- Thomas Edison recorded one of the first recordings of a human voice.  The recording was of someone reciting "Mary Had a Little Lamb."

December 6, 1897- London hosted licensed taxicabs.  It was the world's first city to do so.

December 6, 1917- Finland declared independence from Russia.

December 6, 1957- For the first time, the United States attempted to launch a satellite (Vanguard TV3) into Earths orbit.  However, the explosion of the launchpad thwarted the mission.

December 6, 1967- The first human heart transplant in the United States was performed by Adrian Kantrowitz.

December 6, 1973- The United States House of Representatives voted to approve Gerald Ford as first unelected Vice President of the United States.

December 6, 1994- Orange County California was the largest municipality in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy.

December 6, 2006- NASA revealed photographs taken by Mars Global Surveyor suggesting the existence of liquid water on Mars.

I was personally interested to learn that December 6 was the day that Orange County filed for bankruptcy.  Orange County apparently owed around $1.7 billion to creditors.  I wonder if my OC friends are aware of this fact.  If not, I might have to bring this up the next time they tell me that Orange County is better than the San Fernando Valley.

Do any of the events interest you?