Jury Duty is one of the most important civic duties you have as a U.S. citizen.  However, most people seem to dread the thought of being summoned for jury service and will go through great lengths to avoid serving on the jury.

This brings me to a Colorado woman named Susan Cole.  Susan apparently faked a mental illness to get out of jury duty.  To make matters worse, she discussed her lie on the radio and got caught.

According to the news, “Susan has pleaded guilty to attempt to influence a public servant, a felony, and second-degree perjury, a misdemeanor.”

Is it Illegal to Fail to Report for Jury Duty?

If you have received a summons for jury duty, your appearance is mandatory.  Repeatedly ignoring a jury summons will result in strict penalties, including:

  • Criminal actions
  • Civil actions
  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • You will be served another summons for jury service and be called for another trial

To find out what happens if you miss jury duty, watch our informational video.

Have you ever made up a lie to avoid jury service?  On second thought, don’t tell me!