I’m not in the business of bashing Wal-Mart, but lately they seem to be making the news for all the wrong reasons.  The most recent story involves several Kentucky Wal-Mart employees who got caught destroying iPads.  Obviously destroying the property of your employer is not a very smart move.  What’s even less smart is posting it on YouTube for millions to see.  These workers did just that.  They filmed their destruction of the iPads and posted the video on YouTube.  Wal-mart has since fired those workers involved.

To watch the video of these workers throwing the iPads around, click here.


Trespass to Chattel is an intentional tort that involves the interference with a plaintiff’s right of possession to property.  This interference comes in one of two ways, stealing or damaging.  The plaintiff must show that this interference caused damages in order to succeed in a case for trespass to chattel.


Conversion also involves an intentional interference with a plaintiff’s right of possession.  However, with conversion, the interference is so serious that it warrants payment of the chattels full value.  This tort is similar to trespass to chattels but involves a more serious interference to the plaintiffs right of passion.  Again, the plaintiff will need to show that this interference caused damages to succeed in their claim for Conversion.

Do you think that their actions rose to the level of conversion, requiring them to pay the full value of the destroyed iPads?

What to Do if you Have Been the Victim of Trespass to Chattel or Conversion

Both Trespass to Chattel and Conversion are intentional torts.  Torts are civil wrongs, thus a civil law attorney would best advocate on your behalf.  You can easily find experienced attorneys by searching under practice area within your state.