What’s worse then a Cannibal?  A “cannibal cop.”

Kathleen Cooke Mangan, reportedly turned her husband, Gilberto Valle, (a cop) into the police upon finding “weird stuff” on her husband’s computer.

List of “Weird stuff” found in cop’s computer:

  • "Names, photos, dates of birth, heights, weights and bra sizes of dozens of women"
  • "A detailed plan to abduct, rape, kill, cook and eat these women"
  • An email thread where he negotiated the price of kidnapping a woman for a co-conspirator.  His terms: "Full payment due at delivery."
  • According to Huffington Post, his cooking technique described a torture by cooking method where he would cook a woman "over a low heat, [keeping] her alive as long as possible."

The cop’s attorney defended him, claiming, “he was guilty only of a deviant fantasy."

What crimes can he be accused of?

If the allegations against Gilberto are true, he will probably be accused of conspiracy to kidnap and conspiracy to murder.

What is Conspiracy?

A conspiracy is “an agreement between two or more persons with the specific intent to enter into the agreement and to achieve the objective of the agreement.”  Moreover, a conspiracy requires a meeting of guilty minds.  Most states also require a slight overt act in furtherance of the agreement.  One can be guilty of conspiracy without even committing the target crime.  The conspiracy is complete as soon as the agreement is made and an act in furtherance is performed.  So as long as Gilberto agreed to kidnap and murder these women, a conspiracy charge is valid.