An elementary teacher named Tara Harris has been charged with simple assault for allegedly twisting her 10-year-old student’s fingers during a lesson.  Apparently the student’s hand was cut open and started bleeding.

Why would the teacher twist her student’s finger?

Well, apparently Harris teaches reading and math.  However according to the injured student’s mother, instead of teaching reading and math, Harris spent two days teaching Islamic hand symbols.  Apparently, the student was having trouble getting few of the symbols down.  This allegedly frustrated Harris and caused her to twist her student’s finger.

Whether this actually occurred is unclear.  However, the trial date for Harris’ misdemeanor charge has been set for November 27.  We’ll have to wait and see if the allegations against Harris are true.

What is Assault?

Assault is the intentional creation of immediate physical harm in the mind of the victim.  A person charged with assault can be liable for both a civil as well as a criminal crime because assault is a tort.  To learn more about assault, click here.