We’ve all heard that sunscreen is a very important part of our everyday lives and that we shouldn’t leave home without applying it to our bodies.  But what if wearing sunscreen proves to be more dangerous than not wearing any?  Well, according to the FDA, Energizer Holdings Inc. is withdrawing its continuous spray Banana Boat sun care products.  Apparently, the sunscreen has a potential risk of igniting while on the skin.  According to the FDA, the sunscreen may ignite if “a consumer comes into contact with a flame or spark prior to complete drying of the product on the skin.”

Affected Product:

  • Product: Over-the-counter Banana Boat Sun Care Products
  • Places Distributed: Nationwide to wholesalers and retailers
  • Dates Distributed: January of 2010 - September 30, 2012
  • There are a number of withdrawn Banana Boat Sun Care Products.  For a list of the withdrawn products along with their UPC codes, click here.

Injuries to Date:

  • To date, there have been four reports in the U.S. involving burns associated with the use of the Banana Boat products.
  • There has been one report involving burns in Canada.

Reason for Market Withdrawal:

  • The size of the spray valve opening on the products may be too big.
  • The spray valve opening dispenses more sunscreen than usual.
  • Since it dispenses more sunscreen than usual, the sunscreen is taking longer to dry on the skin.
  • If a consumer comes into contact with a flame or spark, there is a potential for the product to ignite.

Additional Information

If you or a loved one has purchased any of the aforementioned Banana Boat Sun Care Products, it is important not to use them.  For information regarding this market withdrawal, consumers can contact Energizer Consumer Affairs at 1-800-SAFESUN (1-800-723-3786).  They may also send an email to [email protected].  For quick answers regarding the market withdrawal, you can go directly to the FDA market withdrawal page. 

What to Do if You Have Been Affected by a Recalled or Withdrawn Product

If you or a loved one has become injured as a result of a withdrawn product, you may be entitled to compensation.  It would be beneficial to speak to an attorney specializing in products liability.