A 23-year-old Texas mom named Elizabeth Escalona, was accused of committing “monster-like” and torturous acts against her 2-year-old daughter, Joselyn Cedillo.  In July, she pleaded guilty to kicking her 2-year-old in the stomach, hitting her with a milk jug, and gluing her hands to the wall on September 7, 2011.  This poor little girl was left in a coma for two days and was in a hospital for a week.

The doctor who treated Cedillo testified that, in her professional opinion, Escalano had “tortured” Cedillo, further testifying that "this was one of the most shocking cases I've seen."

What was the reason for these torturous acts?  Evidently Escalona had become frustrated about potty training problems…

The prosecution was apparently looking for a 45-year sentence for Escalona because she has four other children, and “a 45-year sentence would make it impossible for Escalona to ever hurt any child again.”  But Judge Larry Mitchell, on Tuesday, clearly opined that 45 years was not enough.  After five days of testimony, he effectively gave her a life sentence by issuing the 23-year-old 99 years in prison.  In his sentencing speech, he told her, "you savagely beat your child to the edge of death, for this you must be punished."

In my opinion, the punishment certainly fits the crime.

Child Abuse- DON'T DO IT!

Physical battery of a child is a form of child abuse.  Parents convicted of crimes against children face harsh penalties that virtually always involve prison.  If you resort to beating your child as a form of disciplining them, you are abusing your child.  There are many other methods of disciplining a child.  For example, if they are too young to understand you, instead of getting frustrated, you can always take classes to better understand how to communicate with your child.  Why resort to hitting them, kicking them or even gluing their hands to the wall?  You will not only risk injuring or killing your innocent child, but you will also lose your rights to your child and likely end up in prison.  Is it really worth it?