Unsanitary and hostile workplace conditions have been in the news with great regularity as of late.   We recently blogged about a boss who urinated on his assistant.  And I didn’t think things could get much worse until the New York Post reported an unsettling story about another unsanitary and abusive workplace environment.

Hostile Workplace Conditions

Joanna Gallardo-Mills, former employee to famous comic-book writer, Frank Miller, is suing her old boss and his girlfriend for discrimination and mental anguish.  Apparently, Frank Miller’s girlfriend, Kimberly Cox, has made Joanna’s life hell.  Joanna alleges that Cox did a number of unimaginable things to her, such as (1) smearing Joanna’s work area with human feces, (2) destroying her printer with a hammer, (3) throwing phones at her, and (4) leaving her underwear and used menstrual pad by Joanna’s desk.

What is a Hostile Work Environment?

You can learn more about hostile work environments and workplace abuse by watching informational videos at our home page.  Simply type the words “workplace abuse” in the search area provided on the upper right-hand corner of the page.  You will find a list of videos relating to hostile work environment and how an attorney may help.

Seek Help if you are Enduring Workplace Abuse

No one should have to suffer harsh workplace abuse.  Workplace abuse is a form of discrimination as discussed by the Federal Communications Commission.  There are laws that can help you with this sort of discrimination and it is imperative that you speak up.  If you choose to keep mum about your situation, not only will you keep enduring abuse, but your abuser will also be getting away with a crime.

How Can An Attorney Help?

To learn how to protect your rights at work, contact an experienced attorney in your area. You can find experienced attorneys by searching under practice area within your geographic location, or in another state.

Have you ever had to endure hostile workplace conditions?  If so, what did you do to fix the problem?