New Orleans attorney Jason Cantrell, who has practiced civil and criminal law in New Orleans for 17 years and currently serves as a part-time assistant city attorney, was in criminal court when a marijuana joint fell out of his pocket.  To make matters worse he was talking to police officers when the joint fell onto the floor.  Talk about bad luck!

According to police spokesman Garry Flot, Cantrell was “issued a summons for simple possession of marijuana.”  He has also been barred from practicing as an assistant attorney until an investigation has been completed.

To further exacerbate the situation, Cantrell’s wife, LaToya, is running for a seat on the City Council.  This one incident may severely change both LaToya’s and Jason’s personal lives unless they act fast and do some serious damage control.

Is It Time For the Federal Government to Legalize Marijuana?

Although many states have legalized, or decriminalized, marijuana, unfortunately for Cantrell, marijuana is still illegal under federal law.  If marijuana were legalized, Cantrell could have dropped the joint in front of the police without getting cited.  Do you think it’s time for the federal government to legalize marijuana?

Until it becomes legal, a conviction on a drug charge can gravely affect your employment chances, your education, and your freedom.  If you have been charged with possession of a drug, contact a criminal law attorney.  You can find experienced attorneys by searching under practice area within your state.