• Do You Have an Automatic Right to Spousal Support?

You do not have an automatic right to spousal support.  In order to receive any support the court will take into consideration a number of factors provided in Family Code 4320.

  • How Long Do You Get Spousal Support For?

If your marriage was a short-term marriage (less than 10 yrs), you may get spousal support for half the duration of the marriage.  If your marriage was a long-term marriage (over 10 years), you may get support forever, unless you remarry or by further order of the court.

  • Can You Modify the Amount of Spousal Support?

In short, yes you can modify the amount of spousal support.  Even after a spousal support order is decreed, you can modify that amount by arguing that there has been a change of circumstance.  Changes of income or changes of marital status of the spouse receiving support are a couple examples of changed circumstances the courts will consider.

  • What To Do When Spouse Does Not Make Spousal Support Payments.

You have a number of options if your spouse fails to make spousal support payments.  Often judges will issue a wage assignment that will automatically deduct money from your spouse’s paycheck.  Again, it is best to speak to a lawyer personally.  They will better assist you once they know the specifics about your case.


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