Growing up, I remember hearing stories about people poisoning Halloween candies and placing razor blades in treats.  Now, worried parents can add yet another potential danger to their list of things to be cautious of during Halloween: Registered Sex Offenders.

Registered Offenders Must Place "No candy or treats at this residence" Sign Outside Home

Under the month old California law, sex offenders listed on the Megan's Law website are required to post a sign outside their house that says, "No candy or treats at this residence."  Furthermore, registered sex offenders may not place Halloween decorations or lights outside of their houses.  In essence, this law is warning trick-or-treaters of the presence of a registered sex offender.

Is the law fair?

Reactions to Halloween Sex Offender Law

Many are against this new law, while others are for it.  Certainly, this law did not sit well with a group of sex offenders in southern California.  They are currently fighting the law on the basis of discrimination and their right to free speech.

Of course, I can understand a parents concern.  Even though all sex offenders are not accused of the same crime (some are clearly worse than others), no parent would want to risk his or her child knocking on the door of someone who can potentially hurt him or her.  Surely, some of these offenders have learned their lesson, but others have not.  In a parents mind, if this law protects even 1 child from a sex offender accused of a crime, the law has served it purpose.

As a parent, would you feel comfortable with your child taking candy and conversing with a registered sex offender, or would you like to be forewarned of their presence?