An unidentified homeowner in Tega Cay, S.C was away on vacation with his family while a group of teenagers allegedly trespassed into his house and threw a party.  However, when he returned, his house was exactly the way he had left it with no trace of a trespass.  According to the homeowner, the teenagers cleaned up after themselves, and the family saw no signs to alert them of a break in … Well at least until the teens posted photos of them partying at the homeowners house on Facebook.  According to the homeowner, the teenagers were allegedly "running around doing lewd things with funnels, throwing up in the sink, passed out on the kitchen floor."

Time for a “dislike” button, Zuckerberg?

What is Burglary?

Burglary is the crime of “breaking and entering into the dwelling house of another with the intent to commit a felony.”  It involves the unlawful or forceful entry of a residence and is usually considered a felony.  There are a few categories of felony charges.  To learn more about burglary you can watch an informational video on burglary by going to our Free Legal Videos page and typing “burglary” in the search area.

What is a Trespass?

Trespass occurs when someone is intentionally on your property without your consent.  You can learn more about trespassing on private property by watching an informational video on trespass at our Free Legal Videos page.  Simply type the word “trespass” in the search area.

Burglary and Trespass are both serious crimes that carry with them some heavy penalties.

Moral of the story: Think twice before breaking into someone’s home, especially if you plan to post photos of the break in on Facebook!