Legal to be naked in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the few cities where it is legal for individuals to be nude in public, as long as they do not to engage in lewd conduct, or be naked while aroused.  Seems easy enough.

Last years proposed ordinance regulating nudity, fails!

Last year, Supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents the Castro district in San Francisco, introduced an ordinance that would regulate nudity in San Francisco. The regulation was meant for health and sanitary reasons.  It would have required individuals who wanted to be naked in public to cover up their bums before sitting down on public seating and cover up in restaurants.  Obviously, this regulation didn’t sit well with most free spirited residents of San Francisco, and the ordinance did not go far.

One more attempt to regulate nudity

So, this past Tuesday, Wiener introduced a new legislation regulating nudity. According to Wiener, “public nudity is the top complaint among his Castro district constituents, even beating out homelessness.”  In essence, this new regulation bans bare genitals or buttocks on city property and public transit.  However, individuals can still be naked at festivals, street fairs and parades.  That sure leaves a lot of room for nudists to display their birthday suits! I wouldn’t necessarily take San Francisco out of the running for places to visit for a nudist vacation.

Do you think this new proposal will pass?