Earlier last month, two people in Elyria, Ohio were injured when a man attacked them with a Katana sword. The two victims were watching TV with a friend when the man came into the apartment with a sword. The man with the katana, who apparently lives in a tent in the backyard, got into an argument with the two victims regarding money.

The man slashed the female victim twice on her left shoulder as she tried to turn away from the attack. The male victim tried to disarm the attacker, but he suffered a three to four inch gash on the top of his head and was also cut on his shoulder blade.

After the accident, the man returned to his tent where he subsequently arrested and charged with two counts of felonious assault.

Victims Can Sue Attacker

Even though the attacker was arrested, the two victims have cause for a civil suit against him for their injuries sustained. One claim would likely be for battery. An element of a battery claim is a “harmful or offensive contact.” A harmful contact normally occurs when the defendant physically attacks the plaintiff causing an injury.

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