Last week, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York, a construction worker was killed and another injured when a new brownstone’s roof collapsed.

According to witnesses, four workers were on top of the third-floor roof of the building when a roof beam gave way. The collapse sent the two victims all the way down to the basement. The workers had been bringing bags of cement to the rooftop. As it turned out, the rooftop was not structurally stable enough to handle the load and the workers.

Investigators with the Department of Buildings are seeking to interview the people who delivered the heavy cinder blocks and cement and review possible video. Answers are needed as to why those materials were on the roof when it clearly could not support that much weight.

It is important to note that while this accident is tragic, individuals who are injured and the family of the individual who was killed may be able to seek relief.

Workers Compensation

Individuals injured at work may be eligible for compensation awards and medical care paid for by an employer’s insurance company. In New York, the Worker’s Compensation Law of the State of New York covers these work-related injuries. These injured individuals must file a claim with the Workers Compensation Board to receive benefits under this law.

Attorneys can guide workers through the often confusing profess of filing a Worker’s Compensation claim.

Wrongful Death

The families of individuals who have died on the job may also be entitled to compensation. Compensation could come in the form of medical expenses, funeral costs, lost present and future wages, and pain and suffering.


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