I recently wrote about 6 questions to ask a family law attorney before hiring them.  I thought I would take this opportunity to share some additional tips regarding the selection of a family law attorney.

Once you have met with a few attorneys and narrowed down your prospects, follow these tips to ensure that you end up with the attorney that is just right for you:

  1. Do some research. At this point you have spoken with a few family law attorneys.  Since most initial consultations are free, you should speak to at least 3 attorneys.  Now, do some Internet research to find out about their track record in court and whether they have any mishaps on their record.  For example, if you are searching for an attorney in California, you can find this type of information by clicking here and inputting the attorney’s name in the search box.  By doing so, you can find any actions affecting their eligibility to practice law.
  2. Choose a local family law attorney. A local family law attorney will be better versed with the expectations of the courts in your area and may have already dealt with the judges and the courtrooms in that area.  The attorney will be better suited to understand the needs and wants of the judge and be more familiar with the nuances of that specific court.  This will also prove beneficial in terms of your costs.  An attorney who knows the in’s and out’s of the court system will be better able to resolve issues more efficiently at a lower cost to you.
  3. Stay involved. Even though an experienced attorney went to law school and has practiced law for quite some time, at the end of the day, it is your welfare that is on the line.  It is important for you to know what you expect and the outcome you desire and express these to the attorney.  Although the attorney will ultimately work to help you win, they should know what you want out of the case.  They should be able to communicate everything to you so you feel that you are involved in this difficult and sensitive process.

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