Here are some interesting laws, two of which are still on the books:

  • Every high school in New Zealand may hold 1 pound of uranium and 1 pound of thorium, for conducting nuclear experiments (universities can have 20 pounds of each). However, there is a fine of $1 million for letting off nuclear explosions. I'm guessing that the experiments are not anticipated to create explosions. Further, the explosions probably require a large magnitude of chemical reactions beyond the typical high school classroom. I'm guessing chemistry teachers probably keep a close eye on their experiments, and anticipate the potential for human error.
  • In Toronto, Bylaw 4305, stipulated that bathing suits must cover a person from the neck to the knees. It was passed in 1904, but was repealed in 1930. No surprise regarding this modesty law.
  • In New Orleans it is prohibited by the fire code to curse a fireman when he is engaged in his official duties. Perhaps due to potential distraction?

Are there any weird laws that you find particularly intriguing? It's interesting to note the differences not only between time, but also different geographical locations.