If you have recently lost your job, whether through being fired, terminated, or otherwise let go, you might wonder whether you have any legally enforceable rights.

Four Things to Know if Terminated

Whether you had advanced notice regarding your termination or not, be sure to know your rights regarding these 4 issues:

  1. If you had an employment contract, you'll want to make sure that your termination doesn't violate the terms of that agreement. For example, if you were fired without being given a reason, and your contract states that you can only be fired for cause, then your termination may have been unlawful.
  2. Find out whether you are entitled to any severance pay. While the law does not require that employers offer severance pay to employees, your employer may nonetheless offer it.
  3. If you were covered by an employer sponsored health plan, you have certain rights for continuation of that plan under federal law, though you will be responsible for the premiums
  4. Contact your state unemployment development department to determine whether you may be entitled to compensation as you search for a new job.

Losing your job can be hard, but you do have rights. If you have further questions regarding termination, contact an Employment Law Attorney today. You can also find additional information regarding Labor and Employment Law here.