While the various loan modification programs and their benefits have been previously discussed on this blog, sometimes homeowners are surprised to learn that they have been denied a modification.

Denial is probably more common than we like to think, because of the increasing amount of modification applications, and the lack of information regarding lender's criteria for eligibility.

Legal Representation Can Help in Loan Modification Process

Take heart, just because you have been rejected for a loan modification on your first attempt, does not mean that you will absolutely be unable to obtain one. You should consider consulting an experienced loan modification attorney to discuss your potential options. The attorney can assess your position, and decipher whether the lender has violated any laws or unfairly denied your eligibility for loan modification.

With an attorney representing you, not only will your lender be more likely to review your application and give it a closer look, but you can also be advised of all the legal options at your avail.

Contact an attorney today to discuss your rights to a loan modification or other workout with your lender. Click for more information regarding loan modification.