Visa for the United StatesIf you are planning on visiting the United States even temporarily, you may be required to obtain a tourist or visitor visa. The B-1 program is for business visitors, while the B-2 program is generally reserved for travel and tourism.

Applicants must generally prove that:

  • They can adequately cover their expenses while on their trip (to the U.S.), and
  • They have sufficient ties abroad, including a residence outside the U.S., in order to ensure their return home following the end of their visit.

Once a B-1 or a B-2 visa is obtained, visitors may be authorized to stay in the U.S. for an initial 6 month period, with the possibility of a 6 month incremental extension.

The State Department has an in depth amount of information regarding these types of visas on its website, including answers to some FAQs. You can find information regarding Travel Without a Visa, U.S. Visa Policy, Forms, and how to find a U.S. Embassy (among other helpful information).

You can learn more about visas in general here. You can find an attorney to help you learn more about visiting the U.S. here.