shotgun and bulletsYou may be surprised to learn, as I was, that the man suspected in the late night movie massacre that occurred last week in Colorado, is believed to have procured all the items used in his attack legally. James Holmes is believed to have carried out his attack which left 12 dead and at least 60 injured with a staggering collection of assault weapons and a vast amount of ammunition.

The Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said in a statement, "All the weapons that he possessed, he possessed legally. And all the clips that he possessed, he possessed legally. And all the ammunition that he possessed, he possessed legally."

Holmes allegedly made the following purchases in the months leading up to the shooting:

  • May 22 --the first of two Glock pistols at Gander Mountain in Aurora, Colorado
  • May 28-- a shotgun from Bass Pro Shops in Denver, Colorado
  • June 7 -- an AR-15 assault rifle at a Gander Mountain store in Thornton, Colorado
  • July 2 -- over $300 of all black protective gear from seller of tactical police gear, including assault vest, magazine pouches, and a knife
  • July 6 -- Holmes returned to the Bass Pro Shops store in Denver and bought a second Glock pistol
  • unknown date(s)-- a vast amount of ammunition, including thousands of rounds and multiple magazines for  the assault rifle

"Background checks, as required by federal law, were properly conducted, and (Holmes) was approved,"a Bass Pro Shops spokesman said in a statement.

The other stores where Holmes completed purchases have also stated that they were in compliance with relevant laws, and are cooperating with investigative efforts.

Gun Laws - Good or Bad?


On a Final Note, there have been a stream of stories and opinions on the internet following the shooting, detailing how the events may have turned out differently if it were easier for people to carried concealed weapons. The logic being that someone in the theater may have had a handgun with them, and may have thus been able to stop the shooter.

Here, however, the shooter was wearing full protective gear, so it isn't as clear cut whether more guns would have led to a different outcome. It is unknown what would have happened if the shooter's gun did not jam, given the fact that the fully legal drum magazine cartridges he was in possession of are believed to be capable of discharging up to 50 to 60 rounds of ammunition per minute.

What do you think? Should gun control be revised?