While most parents in the midst of dealing with Family Law or Divorce scenarios know, custody is contentious. Many also know that for one reason or another, fathers seem to be at a disadvantage in custody battles. It is for this reason that some attorneys choose to specialize in solely representing dads.

You can find a wealth of information regarding Father's Rights, including answers to some frequently asked questions regarding dads and custody. For example:

  1. Q: What Factors Are Used To Calculate Child Support Payments? Can The Amount Of The Payment Change Over Time? A: Under the Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984, child support payments are based upon each parent's current income.  This includes a number of elements … More
  2. Q: Is A Father Who Never Married The Mother Still Required To Pay Child Support? What If The Father Is Not Allowed To See The Child? A: Regardless of marital status, an ‘assumed father' is any biological father of a child for whom paternity has been established by either the admission of the … More
  3. Q: What Happens To A Father Who Refuses To Pay Court Ordered Child Support? A: Under the Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984, it is against the law for any father, presumed or assumed, to not pay court ordered child support to the custodial … More
  4. Q: What Happens To Custody When One Parent Needs To Relocate? A: Should a parent need to relocate, the court will continue to use the “best interests” standard in determining where the child will go.  There are … More

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