Checking the laws regarding clothing requirements for the country you are about to visit is probably the last thing a tourist would anticipate having to do. However, if you are planning on visiting either of the areas listed below, you should be sure to pack appropriately!

Cover it up!

Qatar, a neighbor of Saudi Arabia, forbids indecent or revealing clothes in their penal code. Al-Adheed is the name of the dress code enforcement branch of the government.

Additionally, recently a local organization organized a public decency campaign, due to frustration with the government's lack of enforcement of the provisions. The campaign defines revealing as,  “not covering shoulders and knees, [or wearing] tight or transparent clothes.”  Tourists and other foreigners are the main target of the campaign.

Similarly, the Vatican City requires shoulder coverings and skirts or shorts to at least the knee in order to enter museums and churches. Some locations require pants rather than shorts, for men. These requirement are in alignment with the belief that people should be dressed modestly and appropriately to enter a Church. The City also used to require women to have head coverings in order to enter a Catholic Church.