If you are facing Bankruptcy proceedings, you will want to hire a Bankruptcy Attorney as soon as practicable. Here are some tips for how to find the best Bankruptcy Attorney for you:

  1. Start looking asap-- waiting until the last minute, regardless of the legal issue, won't give you the time necessary to do your research and find an attorney that you feel comfortable hiring. Give yourself the ability to have time to carefully select an attorney, rather than having to settle for one that just happens to be available. Additionally, the more time the attorney has to prepare your case, the better.
  2. Referrals from friends probably won't be helpful-- unlike other areas of the law, particularly Family Law and Estate Planning, unless you have friends who recently filed for Bankruptcy, they probably may not have anyone to recommend.
  3. Do ask your attorney for a referral-- Bankruptcy is a specialized area, so chances are if you know an attorney that practices in a different area of the law, they probably have a Bankruptcy attorney that they refer their clients or friends to often.
  4. Ask about their Bankruptcy experience--what types of Bankruptcy cases have they handled in the past? How much interaction will you have with the attorney during the case? What is the anticipated timeline?
  5. Don't hire based on cost-- certainly you will feel as though you want to save as much money as possible, but you want to hire someone who can do the best job for you. Hiring an attorney solely because they are the least expensive could end up costing you if they make mistakes. This is true for any practice area.
  6. Get specific fee information-- as with any case, find out up front what the fee is, how it is to be paid, and what it includes. For example, if a forensic accountant is needed, is that included in the fee, or will you have to front the cost?

Start your search for a Bankruptcy Attorney today!