A Washington State law designed to prevent children from sharing sunscreen they may be allergic to, is being blamed for several children being severely sunburned as a result of not having sunscreen applied to them during a school fieldtrip.

Here is what I find absolutely absurd about how this plays out, or in this case played out, in reality. Apparently the Tacoma Public School's policy prohibits teachers from putting sunscreen on students. This isn't particularly that shocking, although I have heard of schools simply having parents sign a permission slip allowing teachers to apply sunscreen to their children, or not.

What I find maddening, is that in addition to teachers, or presumably other staff, being forbidden to apply the stuff, students are forbidden as well. Or rather, students can only apply their own sunscreen if they have a DOCTOR'S note allowing them to do so. This makes zero sense to me.

If the schools are attempting to prevent children from applying sunscreen that they are allergic to, certainly their parents would be aware of this fact? Certainly the parents are capable, willing, and able to write a note giving their permission to do so?

I understand the motivations behind the policy, but it just seems as though it wasn't thought through completely. Why would a doctor have to write a note authorizing a child to apply sunscreen? We're not talking about insulin or epinephrine shots here, or even liquid tylenol. Can students apply glitter lotion to themselves without a physician's approval I wonder?

I hope that the children who were harmed in the course of this major lapse in judgment recover quickly, without lasting damage.