- Legal Simplified Lawyers VerifiedHere are LawInfo, things are constantly evolving and developing in order to better meet the legal consumer's needs. In the spirit of discussing some of these developments, I thought I would share some of the more exciting tools and resources that LawInfo has to offer.

The first category of free legal resources are those I have discussed before. Even still, it is always invigorating to learn the incredibly expansive amount of legal information literally at your fingertips:

  • Free Legal Forms-- from Bankruptcy to Family Law to Tax Law and beyond
  • Free Legal Videos-- you'll find a vast array of videos on different subjects within your topic area of interest
  • Answers to your Legal FAQs--categorized by area of the law for ease of navigation, you can learn about anything from loan modification, AB trusts, or contributory negligence.
  • Legal Library resources according to area of the law

In addition to these resources, you can also find additional tools such as:

  • Legal Dictionary-- this resource is searchable both by search term and by the first letter of the term you are searching for
  • Legal Forum-- an online legal discussion board, categorized by area of the law, with over 56,000 members
  • Calculators--here you can find several different kinds of financial calculators, from 1040 estimators, to business valuation calculators.

While there are other websites out there offering legal resources, I have scant seen the collection of different tools all contained within one website such as at LawInfo. The site map has an index listing of the overall categories for your searching needs.

You can also find an attorney by practice area, state, or by other geographic location.