3 were killed, including 2 former Auburn University football players,  after a gunman opened fire during a fight at a party at an apartment complex near the University, according to Yahoo News.

3 others were injured, 1 of whom is in critical condition after suffering a gunshot wound to the head, authorities said.

Current football player Eric Mack was among those wounded and is being treated at a hospital, said Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson.

Authorities are looking for the accused shooter, Desmonte Leonard, who has been charged with capital murder.

Dawson advised Leonard to turn himself in and additionally added that authorities were searching for 2 other persons of interest in relation to the shootings.

Among the deceased were Edward Christian and Ladarious Phillips, who had previously quit playing football.

The non-football player who was killed was 20-year-old Demario Pitts.

Officials also said Xavier Moss and John Robertson were wounded. Moss has been released from the hospital, while Robertson remains hospitalized  as he was shot in the head and remains in critical condition.

''The only connection that the Auburn football team has to this is they are victims of a brutal shooting. Sometimes the young men get a bad rap, I feel like, but they are the victims today,'' Dawson said.

''Them being football players really has nothing to do with this. They're victims of a shooting,'' Dawson added.

23-year-old Turquorius Vines witnessed the shooting on Saturday evening at the University Heights apartments. He said that he was at a pool party with his friend, Pitts, when 2 men, that he had never seen before, approached them and started arguing with them over a woman.

Vines then said that he punched one of the men and Pitts hit both of the men over the head with a bottle. Then either 1 or both of the men began shooting, Vines said.

He said his friend was shot and killed, while two others were shot.

''It's like I lost a lung,'' Vines said of Pitts. ''I don't know how I'm going to survive this.''

Mack, the wounded player, is a junior offensive lineman from St. Matthews, South Carolina. He played in 5 games last season. Auburn Head Football Coach Gene Chizik said he is expected to make a full recovery.

Christian is an offensive lineman who was out last season while dealing with a back injury.

Phillips was a backup fullback. In April that he decided to give up football, said Chizik.

This is an extremely unfortunate incident for the Auburn football community as well as the family and friends of the slain.  In the world of collegiate sports teammates become lifelong friends as a result of the camaraderie existent in teams sports. Thus, losing a teammate, either former or current, is a tough pill to swallow.

Hopefully, authorities can move swiftly to find the shooter so that he can get the punishment that he deserves, which in this case is likely going to be the death penalty.

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