Consumer Product Recall AlertBelow is a list of consumer products that were recently recalled. While meant to be informative, please keep in mind that the list is not exhaustive. If you suspect that your consumer product may have been the subject of a recall, contact the store of purchase or manufacturer for more information. If a product has been malfunctioning, it is usually well advised to stop using the product and contact the manufacturer.

If you have one of the following recalled products, follow the link to find out how to contact the manufacturer to arrange for a refund or product replacement.

The following consumer products have recently been recalled:

  • Black & Decker® Spacemaker™ 12-Cup Programmable Under-the-Cabinet Coffeemakers-- this recall, affecting about 159,000 units, was issued because the coffee pot handle can break, causing cuts and burns to the consumer. So far, there have been 1,276 reports of handles breaking, including 68 reports of burns and/or cuts.
Picture of recalled Under-the-Cabinet Coffeemaker
  • Evenflo Convertible High Chairs-- this recall regarding about 35,000 units, was issued because the high chair can unexpectedly detach and allow an unrestrained child to fall, posing a risk of injury to the child.
Picture of recalled convertible high chairPicture of recalled high chair, converted to toddler-size table and chair
  • Tots in Mind Crib Tents--Five retailers are collaborating with the CPSC to offer refunds to parents who purchased these crib tents. There have been at least  27 tent failures including one fatality and one serious injury that occurred between January 1997 and April 2012 from crib tents and play yard tents made by Tots in Mind, Inc. In 2008, a two year old boy died after becoming entrapped between the bottom rail of a play yard tent and the top rail of a play yard. Another boy suffered a serious brain injury following an entrapment by one of the crib tent's broken rods.The fatality was reported in a prior recall with the firm in July 15, 2010. This recall relates to some 330,000 units, including:
    1. Portable Playard Tent
    2. Original Cozy Crib Tent
    3. Cozy Crib Tent II
    4. Crib Tent for Convertible Cribs
    5. Portable Playard Tent Plus Cabana Kit
Picture of Portable Play Yard TentPicture of Original Cozy Crib Tent


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What to to if You or a Loved One Has Been Affected by a Recalled Product

If you or a loved one has become injured or you have sustained property damage as a result of a recalled product, you may be entitled to compensation. Manufacturers are responsible for the damages that their defective products cause. Potential damages may include things such as medical bills, or awards for pain and suffering. You should contact an experienced products liability attorney to discuss your potential legal claims.