Tide DetergentIn what has been called the “grime wave”, law enforcement officials across the country are reporting an increase in the number of thefts involving Procter and Gamble’s laundry detergent, Tide. Undeniably surprising but also quite puzzling, sources say that this recent spike in the thefts of the detergent may be associated with the current economic difficulties most American families currently face. However, some sources believe that the detergent is being sold on the black market in exchange for drugs. Nevertheless, Tide in the common marketplace usually sells at approximately $10 to $20 a bottle but, in the black market, purchasers of the product can buy the staple at an estimated $5 to $10 a bottle.

Tide Is Viewed as Liquid Gold

Liquid gold is what some are calling this theft phenomenon since thieves have been known to reap thousands in profits. For example, a thief from Minnesota was said to have earned an estimated $25,000 prior to being him being caught stealing the product. While there are various explanations to why thieves are stealing Tide, criminal defense attorneys around the country are sending one simple warning to thieves and prospective buyers, “Don’t do it!”  There are just too many legal consequences which are involved in this criminal activity. First, thieves need to consider what is at stake for them. If you are stealing this from your employer, if caught, you could face criminal embezzlement charges. All jurisdictions across the U.S. make it a criminal offense to take property from your employer without their permission. If you are convicted for embezzlement in your state, you could be sentenced to jail, prison and ordered to pay restitution.

Similarly, since buying stolen goods is against the law in all jurisdictions, you can also face criminal charges for buying or receiving stolen property, especially when you know that the goods you are buying are stolen. There are tough penalties attached to this crime as well, for example, jail and prison sentences are among the most common form of punishment courts usually impose for this crime.

Tide Thefts Product of Economic Struggles

During the last several years, we have all faced harsh economic challenges which have certainly forced us to change our lifestyles and buying habits and the cost of Tide is quite high, but so are many other commodities. Rent, food and gas are not getting any cheaper.  The reality is that stealing the product will only drive up the price in the general marketplace because all involved in the production and distributing of the product will be compelled to raise their prices in order to recover their lost profits.