When is an attorney needed?Life Happens, Attorneys Can Help

The following are perhaps the most common scenarios in which it is probably in your best interests to consider hiring an attorney. You can follow links to the individual landing pages to find out more about the practice areas, and how to find a lawyer when you feel that is the next step.

Most Common Scenarios in Which An Attorney Can Help

  1. Getting Married-- As you contemplate entering into marriage, an attorney can help you plan for the future, whether you want a premarital agreement or an estate plan.
  2. Car Accident--Following a car accident, you'll want someone to zealously advocate your rights. Car accident attorneys know how to deal with insurance companies, and will help you decide whether a settlement or jury trial is in your best interests.
  3. Divorce-- While you can represent yourself during Family Law proceedings, do you want to risk going against an experienced divorce attorney? Especially if there are substantial properties or custodial rights involved, you'll want an experienced legal professional. Additionally, consider the fact that many couples are opting for mediation, rather than traditional litigation. An attorney can help you throughout the process with your best interests in mind.
  4. Starting a New Business-- You've got the idea, now let a business attorney help you. From filing filing a business license to articles of incorporation to intellectual protection, a business lawyer can help you circumvent common pitfalls new business owners might make.
  5. Buy a Defective Product-- If you have been the victim of a dangerous or defective product, a consumer lawyer can help you secure a remedy. Also, remember that a consumer good can be anything from a dishwasher to a car.
  6. Filing for Bankruptcy--This one is probably more obvious, but remember that a bankruptcy lawyer can help you throughout the bankruptcy process, to ensure that all of your various debts are accounted for and discharged.
  7. Making a Substantial Purchase--Regardless of the subject of purchase, when entering into an agreement to buy something, an attorney can likely help you negotiate the terms of the sale, as well as bring to your attention the potential weaknesses in the agreement. Even if an attorney is not commonly used in the type of purchase you are making, you are usually entitled to have someone assess the terms of any contract you are entering into.