Weird Summer LawsWeird Summer Laws

Don't get caught violating these summer related laws, or you'll face some hefty fines!

  • No Swimming Suits Outside the Beach-- On the island on Grenada in the Caribbean (Northeast of Trinidad and Tobago), walking through town dressed inappropriately, as in nothing more than a bathing suit, can be punishable with a fine of up to $270 . The justification behind this one is related to indecent exposure. The local people take their work and attire very seriously.   If, however, your intention is to get married, you only have to be on the islands for 3 days!
  • No Hot Pink Shorts After Noon on Sunday-- Allegedly, in Australia, more specifically in Victoria, it’s illegal to wear hot pink shorts after midday on a Sunday. I find it interesting that the statute specifies hot pink. I'm assuming it has something to do with an associated local custom, e.g. only x type of people wear hot pink shorts. Some sites claim it's actually hot pink pants that are illegal, but also that this law is no longer enforced. I wonder whether the law initially meant to forbid the wearing of "hot pants" rather than hot pink pants, and also why they aren't forbidden altogether on Sundays?

And my personal summertime favorites:

  • No playing with beach balls or digging sand tunnels, at Los Angeles beaches, but read this.