I've always found listings of things that happen on certain days fascinating. In the spirit of learning more about May 31, if for no reason other than learning some additional legal trivia, here is a list of events that occurred on this day:

  • 2005 Identity of Deep Throat is revealed
  • 1996 Netanyahu elected Prime Minister of Israel
  • 1991 Angola warring factions sign treaty, ending 16 year civil war
  • 1985 Guatemala adopts constitution
  • 1979 Zimbabwe declares independence
  • 1974 Israel and Syria sign an agreement concerning Golan Heights
  • 1961 Union of South Africa becomes a republic
  • 1955 U.S. Supreme Court orders school integration "with all deliberate speed"
  • 1953 Lebanese president Camille Shamun disbands government
  • 1944 Allies breakthrough in Italy
  • 1941 German occupiers forbids Jews access to beach and swimming pools
  • 1913 17th amendment (direct election of senators) declared ratified
  • 1790 Pres. George Washington signs the first U.S. copyright law
  • 1659 Netherlands, England and France sign Treaty of The Hague
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