Produce Recalls Increasingly Common

I don't know about you, but I did not realize that fresh fruits and vegetables could become contaminated, and remain so even after washing. It is because of this fact, that it is increasingly important to be aware of the sources of the foods you are eating. It is my understanding that these recurring contamination scares are a factor of either the

FoodRecall Alertwater supply or the soil in which these crops are grown. Thus, be sure to make sure that the produce you have in your fridge is not subject to one of these recent recalls, and if it is, be sure to arrange for a replacement before risking getting yourself or your family sick.

The following food products were recently recalled. The affected products are categorized according to the reason for the recall. While meant to be informative, please keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive.

If you suspect that a product you have recently purchased might be subject to a recall, particularly if you have
suffered from food poisoning recently but you do not see the pertinent information here, you should contact the store or manufacturer of purchase for additional information. Also, by reporting the problem with your item, you may alert the store to potential sources of contamination.

As a general matter, consumers should immediately stop using products subject to a recall, and contact the store of purchase or manufacturer to arrange for a refund or replacement product.

Recalled Due to Salmonella:

  • Taylor Farms Retail recently announced the recall of its Marketside, Private Selection Organic baby Spinach, which tested positive for Salmonella during a random test. The affected spinach has been sold in over 16 states. So far there have been no reported illnesses.
  • announced the recall of its "Tempeh Starter Yeast" and "Super Starter Yeast," due to potential contamination. So far several illnesses have been reported that may be in connection with this recall.

Recalled Due to Listeria:

  • Pacific Coast Fruit Company announced the recall of its Chef on the Run, Mia Fratello Garden Salad, Deluxe Salad, Romaine Lettuce, Deluxe salads with dressing, and more. This recall was undertaken because Pacific Coast utilized a portion of bagged salads from the River Ranch recall, listed below. There have been no illnesses reported in connection with this recall.
  • Gills Onions, LLC announced the recall of its Gills Onions Diced Red Onions due to potential contamination.
  • River Ranch Fresh Foods, LLC announced the recall of its River Ranch, Farm Stand, Hy-Vee, Shurfresh, and other bagged salads due to a positive result during a random sample testing. This recall includes many different types of bagged salads, sold under different brand names, which you can find under the link. So far no illnesses have been reported.
  • CARIBE PRODUCE, LTD CO. announced the recall of its CARIBENA papayas after a positive result during a routine test by the company. So far no illnesses have been reported.

Recalled For Other Reason:

  • L.A. Link (Huntington Beach) Corporation announced the recall of its Shiitake-Ya Brand Gourmet Shiitake Slices due to potential contamination with residue from the chemicals carbendazim, fluoranthene, and pyrene, which were present during routine testing.  The presence of these chemicals is not approved on dried mushrooms. These mushrooms were sold at Costco Wholesale stores.

What to to if You or a Loved One Has Been Affected by a Recalled Product

If you or a loved one has become sick or otherwise harmed as a result of a recalled product, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills or related expenses. If you think you may have been harmed by a recalled product, whether or not it  listed above, you should contact an experienced products liability attorney to discuss your potential legal claims.
Recalled Product Images:
Taylor Farms Organic Baby Spinach
Marketside Organic Baby Spinach
Caribena Papayas:
Papaya Label
LA Link Mushrooms
Recalled shiitake mushrooms