Don't Feed The Birds!

This one shouldn't come as that much of a surprise, considering it's a crime to feed animals at many city and national state parks. The rationale is usually that the the food is probably not suitable for the animals' diet, they might become dependent on humans to provide food, etc.

In Venice, however, it is a crime to feed the pigeons, punishable by a $50-$600 fine. The purported reasoning behind the prohibition, is the reasoning that the pigeons' excrement creates a nuisance to the nearby buildings. Additionally, because of the booming business of selling birdseed in the square, the pigeon population was spiraling out of control.

Wash Me!

Don't get caught driving with a dirt encrusted car in Russia. The penalty for driving a "dirty" car in Moscow can result in a $100 fine. What exactly dirty means, however, is not defined.

I'm guessing the reasoning behind this one is similar to the reasoning behind zoning laws regarding similarity of buildings--a desire to avoid visual blight. There may also be an argument for sanitation purposes and of course driving safely. You can't see other cars too well if your windows are caked with mud. Many locals, however, feel as though this regulation is a mere excuse for local police to cite drivers and collect revenues.